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Dr. Dwight Mazmanian is a tenured Professor in the Department of Psychology at Lakehead University (full-time). He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles or book chapters (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), and has delivered over 230 papers, posters, or workshops, at regional, national, and international scholarly conferences. He has supervised 35 graduate theses at the MA or PhD level, and has served on over 90 graduate thesis examination committees.  Dr. Mazmanian’s former and current students have disseminated knowledge through radio interviews; participant newsletters; video presentations; conference presentations, papers, and symposiums; as well as newspaper and magazine articles. 

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Dr. Christopher Mushquash is a tenured Associate Professor in the Lakehead University Department of Psychology. He is also a psychologist at Dilico Anishinabek Family Care, a service delivery organization that works with First Nations people in the area. He has published 47 peer-reviewed articles and 37 book chapters, reports, and non-peer reviewed contributions. He has presented over 150 papers and posters at national and international conferences. Within his role as Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Mental Health and Addictions, Dr. Mushquash has detailed a plan to disseminate new knowledge broadly in Indigenous communities, scientific communities, and among policy and decision-makers using accessible knowledge translation approaches. He provides educational sessions and workshops regarding ways to provide support for community members with mental health and addiction issues, tailoring each presentation toward the diverse cultures and contexts within partnering communities and organizations. 

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Jessica (Jessie) Tanner is in her 5th year of the PhD Clinical Psychology program at Lakehead University, and is currently completing her doctoral internship with the Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium (NORPIC). Jessie’s research interests include gambling and: older adults, cohorts, and harm reduction. She has been funded through scholarships from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Ontario Graduate Scholarships, as well as knowledge translation exchange (KTE) student fellowships from GREO. Currently she is funded through a doctoral fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Jessie has received training through GREO-hosted KTE workshops and has delivered two talks on gambling and KTE. She has 4 peer-reviewed publications, 2 magazine articles, 2 technical reports, a white paper, an invited webinar, and an invited interview resulting in an online video through GREO. Her research has been presented at conferences in Canada and the United States, including 21 posters and 2 research talks. Check out GREO's Research Spotlight video on her research and follow her on Twitter.

Dr. Alexandra Drawson recently completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology and doctoral internship with the Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium (NORPIC).  Dr. Drawson's research focuses primarily on the wellbeing of Indigenous peoples, as well as harm reduction in substance use addictions. Applying this approach to gambling is now a major area of interest for Dr. Drawson. She has published seven peer-reviewed articles, five newsletter articles, and two technical reports, and has delivered 25 posters and 10 invited presentations at the national and international level. Dr. Drawson previously held a scholarship from the Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research and received Ontario Graduate Scholarships during her doctoral training. Dr. Drawson’s dissertation research involved a community-based participatory research approach, which has allowed her to develop skill in partnering with communities and ensuring knowledge translation and exchange is effective and respectful. She has also attended a GREO-hosted KTE workshop and delivered a talk on the topic. Follow her on Twitter!

Kristy Kowatch is currently in the third year of the PhD program in Clinical Psychology. Her research interests include culturally relevant treatments for First Nation populations with an emphasis on children and adolescents, substance abuse as a form of self-medication, risk and resilience factors for substance abuse in adolescence, as well as problem gambling in northern and First Nation communities. She has published four peer reviewed journal articles, two technical reports, and eight posters at national and international conferences. She is currently funded through an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and has previously received support from a Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Alberta Gambling Research Institute (AGRI). In 2017, Ms. Kowatch contributed to a symposium on community based research in First Nation communities for the Canadian Psychology Association’s annual conference. She has also authored a white paper on gambling among Indigenous populations within Canada, in collaboration with the Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO). She has also attended multiple workshops hosted by GREO on KTE.

Shayna Cummings is a research associate for the Northern Ontario Gambling Research Hub, the Health, Hormones, and Behaviour Laboratory (HHAB), and the Centre for Research on Safe Driving (CRSD). She has completed her HBSc in Psychology at Lakehead University and her honours thesis was completed under the supervision of Dr. Mazmanian. She was a co author for a poster that was presented at the Discovery 2019 Responsible Gaming Council (RGC) conference. Shayna also presented and was first author for a poster at the 2019 Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) convention presenting the Hub’s results from the knowledge mobilization project about the gambling knowledge needs in Northern Ontario. She, along with Hub member Erika Puiras, were awarded the BET: Student Capacity grant, funded by GREO. Shayna will be furthering her education in the fall of 2019 in the program, MSc in Psychological Science, at Lakehead University.

Erika Puiras is a research associate with the Northern Ontario Gambling Research Hub, and with the Health, Hormones, and Behaviour Laboratory (HHAB).  She recently received her HBA in the Specialized Honours of Psychology program at Lakehead University, and completed her thesis on gambling and gaming under the supervision of Dr. Mazmanian.  She will be continuing her studies at Lakehead University with an MA in Clinical Psychology in the fall of 2019. She is currently funded by an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and was previously funded by the Presidential Scholarship at Lakehead University. Since 2018, she has presented two posters as first-author and one poster as second-author, all three related to gambling.  Along with hubmate Shayna Cummings, she received the BET: Student Capacity grant awarded by GREO.  Through her work with the Hub, she has broadened her exposure and expertise in mixed methods Knowledge Translation and Exchange. 

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