To find out more about any of our ongoing, upcoming, or past projects please contact us. If you work for an organization in Northern Ontario and are interested in discussing a potential collaboration, do not hesitate to call or email, as we look forward to hearing from you.

Current Projects:


Online Gaming in Northern Ontario: A workbook for youth and young adults

We have released and published a workbook for youth and young adults on the topic of online gaming.  Although its focus is on online gaming, the workbook also covers the concept of "Game-bling" and the overlap between gaming and gambling content that is occurring.  The workbook is available in two formats: one, an online pdf version that can be printed; and, two, a fillable pdf version that can be completed and saved online. Both formats are uploaded and can be accessed below!

Fillable PDF

Printable PDF

Hub Information Packages (HIP) Project

We are facilitating the delivery of problem gambling resources in the Northern Ontario region by providing information packages that include problem gambling content (workbooks, helpline cards, pens, magnets, etc.). The initial round of information packages were sent out in late August and early September of 2019.  They will continue to be sent out by request, while supplies last. Individuals and organizations who expressed interest in our previous work, such as the Needs Assessment, will have the opportunity to receive these packages. However, anyone who is interested in receiving an information package should contact us, as we are happy to share resources with other organizations within Northern Ontario! 


Please contact:

Shayna Cummings, Kristy Kowatch

Past Projects & Events:

Gambling Knowledge Needs Slides


Click the button to the right to see a presentation with

the results of our Northern Ontario Gambling

Knowledge Needs Assessment! 

Division of Northern Ontario 

Due to Ontario's vast geography, Hub members organized Northern Ontario by region to help identify which problem gambling resources are available per region.  This was completed with the hope that individuals will be better able to locate support close to their geographic location and community.  


See our Interactive Map under the External Resources heading of our website to find resources in Northern Ontario!  


Northern Ontario Knowledge Needs Assessment

Phase 1: Needs Assessment Survey

Gamblers and non-gamblers aged 18 + who reside in Northern Ontario were invited to participate in the study from May to July of 2018. Representatives from organizations that treat problem gambling, encounter clients with problem gambling, or that are in the gambling industry were also invited to take part.

Phase 2: Focus Groups and Key Informant Interviews

Participation in Phase 2 of the study involved participating in an audio-recorded group or phone interview from May to July of 2018. Questions pertained to perceived gaps in gambling knowledge relevant to Northern Ontario, as well as ways that residents and organizations in Northern Ontario access information. 


In June 2018, Hub members conducted focus groups in Thunder Bay, Dryden, Kenora, and Fort Frances.  This was completed as part of Phase 2 of our ongoing Gambling Knowledge Needs Assessment of northern Ontario


Meet and Greet


Our Meet and Greet was held on November 21, 2017 at Victoria Inn and was co-hosted by the Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP) through the YMCA Toronto. Participants were able to learn more about our hub and what we offer, as well as YGAP and their services. The event also provided be a great opportunity to network with other community organizations. Here are the Slides from our Presentation!










Hub Meet & Greet Event
Hub Meet & Greet Event


Systematic Review


In March 2015, several hub members received a grant from GREO to perform a systematic review regarding the state of the evidence of individual and industry strategies for harm reduction. The results from this study have been presented in the form of a technical report submitted to GREO, two posters at the annual conference for the National Centre for Responsible Gaming, and two peer-reviewed journal articles. See the Findings and Publications page for more information.

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